About Us

Serving Industry with Engineering, Expertise and Equipment for over a Decade

Why Us?

  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Experience
  • Single Source Responsibility

Why Regal?

Regal pioneered the development of precision coil processing equipment to meet your high standards. We have played a major role in the development of this equipment throughout the industry.

Over a Decade of Experience

Our company provides its customers with a depth and breadth of experience...innovative expertise evolved from many years of service to industry. We stand ready to study and solve any manufacturing problem in our field of expertise. We became a leader in the industry by tackling "difficult, unsolvable" applications. This is how today's "standards" were developed. We may have already solved your "difficult" problem. Try us.

Dedication to Quality

At Automated Material Handling Equipment, quality exceeds minimum standards. Above all, AMHE precision begins where others leave off. Our machinery is solidly built for durability. And we go the extra lengths to see that rigid quality standards are adhered to, not only in the components that go into our equipment, but in the craftsmanship and workmanship involved in their assembly, as well.

Commitment to the Future

Our commitment to our customers, to the highest standards of quality, and to innovative manufacturing methods remain our top priority. We believe that this commitment will continue to serve us as an industry leader, enabling us to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of our customers.
We continue to instill in our entire organization the strongly-held belief that we are working in partnership with our customers, and that their success is vital to ours.